Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions

Lennon Murphy & Phillips, LLC (“LMP”) values the confidential relationship entered into with our clients and as such, we have adopted the following Privacy Protection Policy pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 42-471.

LMP shall take all necessary measures to safeguard any data, computer files and documents containing our clients’ personal information from misuse by third parties.

LMP shall effectively destroy, erase or make unreadable such data, computer files and documents prior to disposal.

LMP shall protect the confidentiality of our clients’ personal information.

LMP shall prohibit unlawful disclosure of such personal information.

LMP shall limit access to such personal information only to our employees who may need access to such information in the ordinary course of our legal representation.

“Personal information” as referenced herein shall mean “information capable of being associated with a particular individual through one or more identifies, including, but not limited to, a Social Security number, a driver’s license number, a state identification card number, a bank account number, a credit or debit card number, a passport number, an alien registration number or a health insurance identification number, and does not include publicly available information that is lawfully made available to the general public from federal, state or local government records or widely distributed media.”

LMP firmly adheres to the Rules of Professional Conduct applicable to all attorneys.

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